The Greatest Story Ever Told

In the beginning . . .

Egyptian Pyramid

Pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt

Great Wall of China

Emperors ruled Ancient China


Kings ruled Mesopotamia


ruled the Sindhu Valley


The American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS)
is dedicated to building a better world
by promoting the values of inclusion, nonviolence and democracy
first embraced by the ancient Harappan, Sindhu (Indus)-Saraswati,
Ganga and Yamuna Civilizations
over 5,000 years ago.

Recently Discovered Ancient Civilization More Advanced than Modern Day

The ancient Sindhu (Indus Valley) Civilization was rediscovered less than 100 years ago when archeologists excavated at Mohenjo-daro in Sindh and Harappa in west Punjab.  Up until the early 1920s, we knew nothing about one of the world’s oldest urban cultures and first democracy.

At its peak — about 4,500 years ago — over 5 million people lived in a Texas-size federation of 2,000 settlements and cities covering northwest India, Pakistan and south Afghanistan. 

Ruled by democratically selected leaders, the ancient Harappans practiced religious tolerance, protection of the environment, sexual equality and nonviolence.

It’s remarkable to realize that one of the most divided regions in the world today was once the cradle of its first and largest peace loving civilization.

If ancients achieved all that, just imagine what we can do today!

Help us retell their story and learn from their remarkable example.

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