Showcasing Indian Heritage Sites

Vice-chancellor of Deccan College (Pune, India), Dr. Vasant Shinde speaks about Harappan Civilization and the site of Rakhigarhi. See letter or download it.

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Moen Jo Daro: Model of Non-violence According To National Geographic Magazine

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Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky supports American Institute of Sindhulogys Nonviolence Initiative

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky supports AIS's Nonviolence Initiative

"As heartbreaking incidents of bullying, gang activity, and violent behavior among youth continue to occur throughout our nation, it is vital that we explorer initiatives that address the feat and hostility that lead to these tragedies...."

"....Utilizing the nonviolent model employed by leaders such as Gandhi and King, your program would expose children to different cultures and viewpoints though an exchange program in India, adult role models, and an online resource for nonviolence studies...."

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Public Appeal for “The Frontier Gandhi” – Movie Effort

American Institute of Sindhulogy applauds Ms. Teri McLuhan's efforts and work in bringing to life and to the big screen the untold story of the great non-violent leader of pashtun origin --- Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, aka The Frontier Gandhi

AIS wishes to launch a donation fund for this important cause -- which will cover the entire cost of the production of a DVD.

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10-Year Old Brings History Alive for Her Classmates

"10-year old Zarine Gidwani (Gidwaney) and her mother, Angeli, made quite an impression on her teacher and classmates with a year end presentation about Mahatma Gandhi, the great twentieth century nonviolent freedom fighter. ...."

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Mayor of Evanston Elizabeth Tisdahl speaks delivers her message of nonviolence

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Ram Jethmalani on American Institute of Sindhulogys Nonviolence Initiative

Nonviolence Initiative:
Message from Sindhu Ratan
Shri Ram Jethmalani:

* Member of the parliament Rajya Sabha

* President Supreme Court Bar Association India

* Former Minister of Law and Justice India

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Om, Namaste, yoga and India’s tradition of nonviolence originated along the banks of the Sindhu (Indus) River. The American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS) is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of knowledge of the ancient Harappan (Indus) Civilization - Sindhu-Saraswati and other ancient civilizations of India including Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Kaveri, and their lasting contribution to world civilization for equality, liberty, justice for all, non-violence, peaceful co-existence and protection of environment. Learn more about AIS.



· AIS thanks all its supporters and appreciates the building traffic on its websites: over 3,000 daily hits and growing!

· AIS is launching the Dawn of Civilization Project to research India’s early pre-Vedic History. For more information see the Research of India's History from the dawn of civilization - the era prior to 8,000 - 5,000 BCE.

Principal Projects

The Dawn of Civilization Project Researches India’s Early History

The American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS) is sponsoring the “Dawn of Civilization Project” to research Indian’s pre-Vedic history of which very little is known.

With one significant exception, all literature on India - be it by foreign or Indian authors - relates to a period after the Vedic age began. Only one author, Bhagwan S. Gidwani, has, in "March of the Aryans" and in his earlier book "Return of the Aryans," traced the drama of India's civilization to its pre-Vedic roots.

Building on his work, AIS intends to broaden the focus of its research to consider the history, culture and traditions of ancient India from 8,000 to 5,000 BCE, well before the Vedic era.

AIS is well aware that such an ambitious undertaking will require the multi-disciplinary support and coordination of many researchers, historians, scholars, archaeologists, linguists and others. The cooperation of private agencies, foreign governments, and international organizations such as UNESCO will most likely be required to conduct original research by accessing historic sites and possibly excavating new ones.

Our Request to You

AIS is setting the project into motion by empanelling a team of experts to establish research priorities and guidelines, as well as its operational framework and budget.

If you’d like to support and/or participate in the Dawn of Civilization Project, please consider assisting in any of the following ways:

· You may nominate yourself or others to the leadership and oversight committee.

· If you specialize in a relevant field or have a particular area of interest, please share your suggestions and recommendations for research and sources.

· Forward this posting to your friends, associates and professional networks. (Please be aware than any comments we receive from you, your friends or associates may be posted to our web site, unless we hear otherwise.)

· And of course, your financial contributions are always appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dial V. Gidwani
Founding President,
American Institute of Sindhulogy

The Nonviolence Project

Responding to the upsurge of youth-on-youth violence, AIS launched the Nonviolence Initiative to stop the violence before it happens by opening young hearts and minds to the bigger world through education and travel. Click on the pictures of these great nonviolent leaders to learn about their lives and accomplishments. (Under Gandhi and King you will find lesson plans for classroom use.)

Learn more about the AIS Nonviolence Initiative

Pilot program for City of Evanston
Chief Eddington on Nonviolence Movement
Jay Lytle on Nonviolence Movement
Steve Lome discusses the goals of AIS



American Institute of Sindhulogy is proud to announce the Sindhu Saraswati Museum & Reseach Institute in the USA project undertaking.

Click here for more information about this initiative.

About AIS

American Institute of Sindhulogy is inaugurated on August 06, 2000 in Evanston Illinois in response to the growing need for increasing awareness in the United States and elsewhere about the Sindhu Civilization, its ancient history and unique cultural heritage and glowing contribution to the world civilization. The mission is to put modern hostility aside and revive the ancient civilization. AIS is non profit under section 501(c)(4) non religious,non political organization of the people of the sub continent of India and the world.

AIS News & Articles

Showcasing Indian Heritage Sites Dr Vasant Shinde

Vice-chancellor of Deccan College (Pune, India), Dr. Vasant Shinde speaks about Harappan Civilization and the site of Rakhigarhi. See letter below or download it. Learn more about Dr. Vasant Shinde and the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute.   Showcasing Indian Heritage Sites In his recent speech, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India during [...]

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets Sindhi community and speaks of its culture

AIS would like to showcase a speech by Narendra Modi which speaks about the strengths of the Sindhi culture as well as the current dangers it faces. Mr. Modi recognizes the importance of ones mother tongue and encourages all families to continue conversation in their Sindhi language. The last five minutes of the speech are [...]

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Public Appeal for “The Frontier Gandhi” – Movie Effort

American Institute of Sindhulogy applauds Ms. Teri McLuhan’s efforts and work in bringing to life and to the big screen the untold story of the great non-violent leader of pashtun origin — Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, aka The Frontier Gandhi — in her current award-winning feature documentary THE FRONTIER GANDHI: BADSHAH KHAN, A TORCH FOR [...]

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Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

January 20th, 2014 is celebrated at Martin Luter King Jr. Day. American Institute of Sindhulogy would like to take this opportunity to remember this great soul and his message of peace.

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Tribute to Dr. Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela

AIS, its board members and supporters are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first post-apartheid president and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Recognized as the father of his nation as well as a universal symbol of peace and reconciliation, he will be remembered for the personal sacrifices he made to bring [...]

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