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Kan Kripalani - U.K. 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Would like to have a liile more info on Dr Badlani s Book - Chapterisation price booksellers.

In any case happy that the cultural aspects of Hinduism are featured. So many writers on Hinduism have presented Hinduism in dogmatic form
Kan Kripalani

Reply: Please contact Mr. badlani I will forward your email to him 02/03
Dr Hiro Badlani - Los Angeles, USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Recently my book, Hinduism:Path of the Ancient Wisdom has been published by iUniverse USA. I am aware that this website does not cater to religious themes, but my book has as much the cultural overview as it has the religious. There are referrences to Bhagwan Gidwani s famous book, The Return of the Aryans and also detail description of the ancient Sarswati-Indus civilizatrion. The book is completely non-dogmatic; rather emphasizing the homogenity of all religions. It dicusses the Hindu philosophy and culture through different periods from the ancient times.

Reply: Thank you Mr. Badlani.We will read the book.
Mahima Roychowdhri - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Kind attention of Mr. Hiro S. Mirchandani and for Guest Book..

Thank you for the Very nice and satisfying NEWS BULLETIN 2009 from American Institute of Sindhulogy AIS . I am glad that you will continue THEMES from ROTA. Even those who have read the book , these Themes offer a refreshing summary particularly as your Editors have been careful to retain the spirit and flavour of this great book.
With regards
Mahima Roychowdhri

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
jyothi - india 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

your website is good and i like it.


Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Kan Kripalani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Themes from Return of Aryans as brought out on your website are excellent.

More so, they are a great contribution to literaure and shed light on achievements of our people of those times. Unfortunaely, in vast explosion of aricles on various websites, many people - particularly professors, academics, history-lovers, and many who may have interst in ancient times - will not be in a position to come accross the various Themes that are so nicely brought out on your website. You should really be considering that other websites like Dal Sabzi and many more Hindu, Spiritualists, and Culture websites should be used as channel for publising themes from your website and at least you may exchange EMail addresses with them so you reach directly reach many more people and more attempt may be to reach non Sindhis also. I do not know financial implications but it would be a definite advantage to print in book form of 250 pages some 10 or 12 themes but not give it title of Return of Aryans but something like Glimpses of Ancient Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization of 7,000 BC Rturn of Aryans should be only in byline of title with Introduction from some foreign well known academic to give overview and introduction. But it is a question of cost as such a prestige publication must be frrely given to all important prime ministers, presidents, heads of cultural bodies and those individuals who

mould public opinion.


Dear Respected Shakunji,,

It was good to have your message on Parsi New year.
I have made the following comment on the Feed Back Response:

Truly, I appreciate so much useful and intersting information on Parsi New Year, Zoroastrians and Iranians.
It is good that your website respects and celebrates all diverse cultures and civilizations. That is the Sufi way.

The bonds of India with Iranians and Zorosatrians go back to seven thousand years back. See Please Chapter 13 - ARYANS IN IRAN - 5,005 BC on website which presents Themes from Return of the Aryans a widely acclaimed book by: Bhagwan Gidwani . For your ready reference, I shall send you a copy which will be worth publishing on www.Dalsabzi com. for relationship of Aryans of India with Aryans of Iran and so much info on Aryan culture, language, history in 5005 BC as also info on the great Poet, Reformer, Philosopher Zarathustra, the founder of Zorastrian Religion and how the Iranian customs developed

By means of copy of this letter I am requesting Sindhulogy at to send you a copy of the excellent Chapter Chapter 13 - ARYANS IN IRAN - 5,005 BC as it appears on their website and I shall be grateful if they would kindly do so for publication by you.

With Regards

Kan Kripalani

Reply: AIS will be very happy to share its educational articles/Themes for any web site or Sindhi or non Sindhi magazine. The object is reach out not only to
Hisam Memon - Shikarpur/UAE 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dear Management of AIS website!
Peace be unto you!

The site is thoroughly informative and loveable and enhanced fully with Sindh Culture and Traditions. This is the Ancient Sindh Indus Valley Civilization , Kaka Bhairumal Mahar Chand Adwani had depicted in his famous book Qadeem Sindh . I am properly from Shikarpur, the city, where Hindu Community established new culture of strength, which related to Mohan Jo Daro actually. I love my city, I cannot write here. AIS presents that culture, which really I need. I wanted to design and develop web site about my Shikarpur, and I did it, but the work was done not fully, rf_shikarpur . I organized a forum Reliever s Forum Shikarpur, but I was only there to work, that is why, I could not complete my work, but will do some thing seriouly in near future. I now at UAE.
Anyway, AIS have satiated me more than enough and its a picture of Kako Bhairumal, who introduced me the myth of Mount of Meru . I am ready to do any thing, if u lay any responsibility..!
Good Luck

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Alka Shahani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Fully I agree with comments of Bulo Thanwani and Mohan P. Hingorani
in admiration of the Themes presented by Sindhulogy from Return of the Aryans . These Themes are a treasure-house which none should miss. I realize the painstaking effort in their preparation but the reward of is great. Thank You, AIS
Alka Shahani

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Mohan Padma Hingorani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Re: Views of Prof R.J.A. Plake in appreciation of Themes from Return of the Aryans on AIS website:
I fully share Prof. Plake s appreciation of these Themes and also endorse what my friend Bulo Thanwani says about the fine mission and program of AIS.
Dramatically, the presentation of these Themes by AIS brings l to life the knowledge of the Sindhu Saraswati civilization. There is also no doubt fabout the great effort by Editors of
Sindhulogy in preparing these themes. It is a remarkable effort and we all owe debt of gratitude to AIS.
There is also much work by AIS in many other fields but in my view the continuous presentation of these Themes is one of their finest and I share the hope by Bulo that these Themes will continue.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bulo Gita Thanwani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

I am an admirer of Sindhulogy s excellent mission and accomplishments. In particular, you have done so much to bring awakening in the minds of so many on the glory and greatness of Sindhu Saraswati civilization and its civilizing message to the world.

Recently, I chanced to meet Prof R.J.A. Plake, a well- known Australian literary figure at a party organized by the Austrlian Embassy. Prof Plake mentioned to me that he has read all the 14 themes from Return of the Aryans as presented on your website at least twice - and some them even three to four times. He has read the book itself many years ago and he felt that the way you have presented themes from the book is Absolutely marvellous and a truly delightful, vivid presentation that captivates the mind .

I fully aree with Dr. Plake. I feel that the editors of these Themes for presentation on your website deserve to be congratulated.

Please do keep these Themes coming. They are a source of knowledge, joy and inspiration.


Bulo Thanwani

Reply: Thank you Mr. Thanwani for your gracious encouraging comments. It is evident from the overwhelming daily number of hits on the web site. I wish more v
Ramesh Chatur Manghirmalani - Hyderabad Sindh 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Excellent. Diwan Thakurdas Pribhdas of Hyderabad, Diwan Chatur Thankurdas, and Tikamdas Whadumal Mansukhani played significant role in Pakistan

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Vaswani Naval - Karachi Sindh 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

An excellent , informative and awesome site to visit.

I offer my services to promote the vision and phillosophy


Vaswani Naval
+92 300 2237927
iamvaswani at

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Saeed Ahmed Dehraj - Nosheroferoz (Sindh) 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dear its amazing and nice collection of songs.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Aamir Raz Soomro - Karachi (Pakistan) 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dear Sir,

I m overwhelmed to know about the first Singlish film.. I wish every effort taken for SIndh, Sindhi culture and Sindhis. I m so happy as though it s me who has made this film..

Unfortunately, we have lost our cities and they, sorry to say, don t even seem Sindh... Cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Sukkur have been, in a planned way, given to alien people. And this all happened due to the Partition .

!??????? ??? ???? ???
Sindhis like the makers of the film are truly dedicated to promotion of Sindhi Culture, and that s what is actually needed in this time and age: The Awakening is needed. I would also request you to kindly visit my blog http: and comment on posts related to Sindh.

Having a great influence of Sain G M Syed on my family, I have grown up to be a strong Qaom Parast a nationalist . And, I luv Sindhi culture. I feel proud to have been born in the land of the cradle of civilizations : SINDH!!

I would like to request all the visitors of the site to please search for Gorakh Hill Station on net and write something about it in your emails and blogs, and websites, so that the issue can be raised on international level. We at Johi district Dadu are on a campaign of programs about Gorakh in order to give it an exposure.

Salam, Ya Ali Madad, Namasty, and
Jiey Sindhu Desh!!

Reply: Saeen Aamir thnk you inspirational and gracious words. Be in touch 07/01/2008
mr. Niranjan Shah - New Jersey 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dear Shri Gidwani, Namaste! I must congratrulate you for founding American Institute of Sindhulogy. We have lost Sindhu, but Sindhu is still there. Sindhu Saraswati Civilization is the cradle of civilization. I read about the foundation. Last three months we were out of USA to Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore, Bharat and Dubai. We had a stop at Karachi, Pakistan. I was reminded of the sacrifice people of Sindh gave to facilitate independence of Bharat. It is high time somebody should highlight this sacrifice, mostly by Sindhis, Sikhs and sudents of NW. Lala Uttamchand of NW helped Subhash Bose for the great escape to Germany. I remember reading name of Hingorani in connection to this institutions. I did my B.E. civil from Baroda in 1954 and we had Hingorani with me. Anyway please let me know if I can do something for your worthy cause. I have two copies of Return of Aryans. Though it makes us proud of our most ancient culture, its presentation is sweet. It is true that Gidwani has done very good collection of Folk songs and stories. I am working on a similar book but a shorter one. I am in touch with mu friend David Frawley on this matter. He is one of the piuoneers of coining Sindhu Saraswati Civilization. - Niranjan Shah June 02, 2008

Reply: Thank you Mr. Shah for your gracious comment. It is very emotional for me to hear from a non sindhi about the sacrifice of Sindhis and Sindhi to faci
Amar Jaleel - Karachi Pakistan 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

My dear Dial V. Gidwani,

Thanks for keeping me well-informed. It makes me proud that I belong to you, the GENUINE AND ORIGINAL SINDHIS. After their departure from motherland Sindh has lost its grandeur and glory. It has decayed. It is in ruins.

Body ultimately decays and decomposes. From the mortal cage body spirit soul is liberated. Sindh is dead. Sindhiyat is the soul of Sindh. You have nurtured it. You have saved it. You have given it wings to overwhelm the world.

I wonder, if you have a space I would like to send you occasionally short stories on partition, and about fundamentalism in Pakistan!

With love and regards,

Reply: Thank you for your very gracious and kind words It will be a pleasure to share your stories on partition of India by posting on the web site 06/01/200
Uma,Pahari,Lalit,Samir Kotwal - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Uma, Pahari , Lalit, Samir and Kotwal

Not many Indians are likely to buy an expensive, bulky book -Return of the Aryans - published by Penguin Books, India and its sale is largely confined to foreign countries, and therefore the best course is to view the Themes from that book which are shown at They appear in that website under “Projects”. .These themes will give an idea of how the roots of Hinduism began in Bharat Varsha Indian subcontinent in 8,000 BCE and how the Aryans who originated in India in 5,000 BCE travelled to a large number of countries in Asia and Europe, including Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Greece and Germany and their adventures and exploits there. These Themes will give an idea of how art and and development flourished in that period of pre-History in India

Anyone reading the Themes on website will clearly come to the conclusion that the Aryan Invasion Theory of India is false and was designed as a propagandist hoax.

We will of course look forward to articles from the learned and eminent personalities like Koenraad Elst , David Frawley and other great writers such as Gautier and we hope Tattav will not fail to invite all such celebrated thinkers to contribute so that such ugly propaganda does not rear its vicious head again

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
M R Chowdhri - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

M.R. Chowdhri

Nithin Sridhar in his excellent article on The Whitewashing of History, writes:

“The history of India has been whitewashed and distorted, first by European rulers, and after independence by eminent historians of India and their supporters the Leftists, Seculars and self-claimed Progressives of India to meet their own ends. They have painted the pre-Islamic invasion period as a Dark Age and have glorified the Islamic period to be very peaceful and prosperous.. . ”

The above statement is undoubtedly correct. BUT THE QUESTION ONE MUST ASK IS: Who do we blame? If enemies are throwing stones at us, should not our own people do something to put a stop to it? Or is it some strange form of AHIMSA we have got in our brains that we should not put a stop to stones being flung at us by our enemies but instead we should shed tears and loudly cry out to public that stones are being flung at us by enemies.

The fault, I submit, is ours. Enemies will do what enemies are supposed to do. But if we have self-respect and legitimate pride, we should retaliate or at least expose their lies, fabrications and propaganda. If we cannot do that, then there is something fundamentally wrong with us.

I am glad that David Frawley, Koenraad Elstand many others who originally belonged to foreign cultures but have taken to heart the Hindu cause and faith, are doing so much against ‘Enemy’ propaganda. What about the rest of us. What about the rest of us? What is our function? - to cry out and seek public sympathy for propaganda against Hinduism. PLEASE WAKE UP. The public goes by, uncaring, or in contempt or simply laughing.

I like and admire the counter-punch in Bhagwan Gidwani’s “Return of the Aryans”. Those of us who see only falsehood in a novel know nothing of history, literature or dramatic presentation

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Nilima Ghosh - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Nilima Ghosh

So much has been said so elegantly in response to a very interesting and informative article by Nithin Sridhar that I recomend what others have urged, thai is, all these comments be immediatelysubmitted to Koenraad Elst , David Frawley and other well-known writers of Hidu ethos, to give us an objective view of the Aryan history and in particular of their origin in India and travel westwards

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Rita P Mohina - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Rita P Mohina

Bhagwat Shah is right. Religious leaders and writers have certainly let down India, Hinduism and its cultural awakening. The Internet has given birth to so many Hindu organizations to place their ever-growing website on it. But what is the value of those websites? They write in an idiom and style which cannot appeal to the modern day youth or the masses. In short they write for themselves or for those who are already fully and wholly committed to the Hindu cause. There is nothing in them to reach out and have a popular appeal. Nothing fresh except the Sanskritized rehash of old literature made even more obscure by difficult phrases and complex language with the object of showing how learned and educated they themselves personally are. Their object seems to be to draw attention to their own personal learning rather that to meet the needs of others for enlightenment.

Hinduism is a great religion. But when Religious leaders in their websites take it out of the popular field, they do grave harm to it. What we have to have is popular appeal – TV, Films, Dramas and Novels. For instance, the TV on Ramayana and Mahabharta has done more for the popular understanding of Hinduism than all the Hindu websites put together. Similarly, the novel Return of the Aryans by Gidwani has done more to popularize Hinduism throughout the world.
Anyone who reads the Hindu websites , with all their ponderous language, will not know if the Aryan Invasion Theory is true or not. But anyone reading the Return of the Aryans will clearly know that the Theory is false and foolish and nothing but propaganda.I note the suggestion made by Bhowmick Narayan that the emient personalities like Koenraad Elst and David Frawley to write articles for Tattava so that the theory of Aryan Invasion of India is laid to rest as false and propagadistic

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Putli Arjan Dadlani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Putli, Arjun, Dadlani
We fully subscribe to the view that Gidwani’s Return of the Aryans gives a well-deserved body blow to the Aryan Invasion Theory of India and clearly shows how ridiculous and false that Theory is.The Return of Aryans goes ahead to show that the people of Bharat Varsha were the original Aryans ad they traveled to far countries in Asia and Europe.
For the rest, one has to agree with fine article by Nithin Sridhar and very sensible response by Bhagwat Shah.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.