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Govind Shahani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Govind Shahani
I appreciate what Bhagwat Shah says. His views deserve respect, consideration and action. We are sadly neglecting the cultural enlightement of our youngsters and of the common man in India.. I hope Tattava will kindly give consideration to the views of Bhagwat Shah and take action to the extent it can. Tattava, as I see it, has eminent and highly educated editorial team which can do much to encourage all, including Education authorities to disseminate correct information about India and its cultural past.

Bhagwat Shah is correct that our religious leaders, politiciansand educationists are unconcerned. But I do not blame the masses so much. They have simply been let down by their leaders - religious and political.

I also agree to some extent with Mirchand, in the comments as above, when he says that “our people sometimes become dogmatic, coming under the influence of foreign dogma, and they try to tell us that what is NOT written in a certain Religious book or books CANNOT be true and therefore they close their minds to all other evidence”. I recall one instance where a foremost Hindu Magazine refused to publish information about “Return of the Aryans” on the ground that the book is marked ‘fiction’ and the information there is not in Vedic literature. But as corrctly pointed out by others, the book is about an era much prior to Vedas and the author clearly has researched his material though to present it in story form with invented dialogues for a film or TV Sscript, he has been honest enough to mark the book as ‘Fiction’. People of dogma - Christian, Muslims, Jews, and others - happily quote from novel and other literature to glorify the cultural heritage of their own people, but our Hindu preachers act with dogma and put on a ‘holier than thou’ attitude to remain aloof from such great literature. I, for one, whenever anyone talks of Aryan Invasion Theory of India thrust on to them the thesis in “Return of the Aryans” that Aryans originated in India and civilized to an extent many regions and countries in their extensive travels abroad.

Be that as it may, I repeat that the comments of Bhagwat Shah should be considered by all and in particular by the TATTAVA editorial team and there should be focus on bringing matters of cultural awareness to all.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bhagwat Shah - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Bhagwat Shah
Great info - but - how are we making sure this gets passed onto our children or to the common man in India ? Scholarly treaties, novels or articles are not read by the masses and we need to make sure this info gets to the masses. What is the proposal for that ? Are we going to make sure the education system in India and abroad takes note of these findings and research ? If so, how ?

We continue to shout in the cyber space, but, in the schools and universities around the world - including India, none of this matters. They are still sticking to the old books. What are the plans to change them ?

Sadly, our religious leaders are not concerned with this research or spreading this info. Our politicians are definitely not interested as there are no votes in this Hindus vote bank does not exist for them !!!! . Our educationalists are not interested as they don’t want to have to re-read and re-educate themselves, besides, they are brought up on old prejudices and are unwilling to change it. Saddest of all, our masses are not interested. They do not care about anything beyond the next bollywood release and cricket score. To them our ruined temples and ruined histories are of no consequence at all.

Until we start to educate the new generation and do so on a wide scale, this info will be limited to the elite and will not help us lift our country, culture or religion out of the mire its in at present. We have to do this in India and outside India. Don’t wait for the gov or religious bodies to do this, I propose we do this ourselves. We are happy to send our children to tennis and piano lessons, we should also send them to Indian culture lessons.

If need be, we have to start these lessons ourselves and use the research on-line to educate our children. Having tried different institutions, I eventually started my own classes in London to teach children of my own friends and family. We can’t wait for others. We have to do this for ourselves.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Kan Kripalani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Kan Kripalani
Very nice article by Nithin Sridhar with nice quotations from many writers to show how faulty is the Aryan Invasion Theory of India. But the writer who totally demolishes the Aryan Invasion Theory of India is Bhagwan S. Gidwani - see his book ‘Return of the Aryans. With Gidwani’s theory that Aryans were actually Indians and they are the ones who traveled all over the then known world, in search of th Land of the Pure, makes the Aryan Invasion Theory of India, absolutely ridiculous. Is Gidwani’s theory of foreign travel by Aryans of India, correct? I don’t know for certain but his book makes a fine- even beautiful - reading and the case he makes for Aryans traveling out of India quite convincing. Also what it proves to the hilt is that the Aryan Invasion Theory of India is utterly and hopelessly wrong and ridiculous.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Pran Nath Jaidev - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Pran nath Jaidev
Nithin Sridhar’s article-The Whitewashing of History- is impressive. Equally, I find the comments by Jagjit Mirchand and Bhowmick Narayan very useful.
I would wholeheartedly agree with the suggestion that Koenraad Elst and David Frawley may be requested for updated articles for Tattava so that the theory of Aryan Invasion of India is understood and analysed.

As far as Bhagwan Gidwani’s book Return of the Aryans is concerned, the author called it a novel because he said in his preface that he invented the dialogues in order to tell the story of the drama of the roots of our civilization otherwse, as I see it, the story is well-researched has the air of plausibility apart from being a very enjoyable book to read - which is successful in India and even more abroad and is being translated in French. But frankly, the jury is still out in my mind about the Aryans having originated in India only or was it a mass migration and movement from many parts of the world at about the same time?

Tattava can do much to have all these matters brought to light. They are most important matters as they relate to roots of our society, religion and civilization.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Bhowmick Narayan - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Bhowmick Narayan

Nithin Sridhar’s article-The Whitewashing of History- is honest and objective. I fully agree that the Aryan Invasion Theory is a hoax and I am grateful to Tattava for bringing such matters out in the open so that the falsehoods and distortions in our history are clearly named as such. I fully agree with Nithin Sridhar’s observation that “It is time that the self interests are kept aside and the facts of history made known to the masses”. The conclusion drawn by David Frawley is absolutely correct that “In short, the compelling reasons for the Aryan invasion theory were neither literary nor archeological but political and religious, that is to say, not scholarship but prejudice.”
It is necessary also to read and learn from the very iluminating writing of Koenraad Elst who conclusively shows that there is no Evidence for the so-called Aryan Invasion of India” .

It is necessary also to refer to Bhagwan S. Gidwani’s book , Return of the Aryans which clearly demonstrates with thousands of clues and evidence that the Aryans of Sanatan Dharma the root of Hinduism emanated from India and traveled from India to foreign lands not only of West Asia and Europe in 5,000 but even to other countries to the East such as Mingolia, China, Indonesia etc. It is true that a large number of foreigners who joined the Aryans locally came with them when Aryans finally returned to India but is that an not ‘invasion’? No, they came with goodwill and friendship.

The book, Return of the Aryans, is written in the form of a story to dramatize the birth and beginnings of the roots of Hinduism at the dawn of civilization in 8,000 BCE, and the origin of the Aryans in India in 5,000 BCE and is described as a ‘novel’. YET it is based on solid research. I have come across even many Hindus even who have said that since the book is not based on Vedas or historical Hindu epics or literature, it cannot be taken seriously BUT they forget the fact that Vedas were written in or after 4,000 BCE and all Hindu epics and iterature came thereafter while Return of the Aryans deals with period of 8,000 BCE to 5,000 BCE, which may be described as a pre-Vedic age which itself must be regarded as a somewhat settled society to have given birth to the Vedic Age in which the Hindu and Aryan literature blossomed. Remember, thre was no witten language in the period of 8,000 BCE to 5,000 BCE and the book, Return of the Aryans, bases itself on oral traditions and memory songs that possibly survive and therefore the author of the book, with due honesty, himself gives it the lable of Fiction, choosing to write it in story form or a novel. Unfortunatly, there exists no book other than the Return of the Aryans which writes about the PreVedic times of India - neither by an Indian author nor by even a foreign author. Oral traditions are themselves regarded as a foundation of history everywhere but our people sometimes become dogmatic, coming under the influence of foreign dogma, and they try to tell us that what is NOT written in a certain Religious book or books CANNOT be true and therefore they close their minds to all other evidence.

In closing, i again refer to Nithin Sridhar’s observation that the facts of history must be made known to all and therefore I request Editor Tattava to kindly consider inviting and requesting the emient personalities like Koenraad Elst and David Frawley to write articles for Tattava so that the theory of Aryan Invasion of India is laid to rest as false and propagadistic .These are writers from whom many draw inspiration and their contribution will be truly worthwhile.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Prof. Jagjit Mirchand - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Prof. Jagjit Mirchand
May 1st, 2008 18:22
I congratulat Nithin Sridhar on the excellence of his article and in particular, for his clear explanation that the Aryan Invasion Theory is false and was fabricated by the British for propagandisic reasons. I wish howver that Sridhar had mentioned a masterly book - “RETURN OF THE ARYANS” by Bhagwan Gidwani, published by Penguin Books India, which clearly shows that Aryans originated from India - and no where else - and how these Aryans travelled to countries in West Asia and Europe, including, Iran, Turkey, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Swede, Nirway, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Germany, and how after long periods of stay there, many of these Aryans retuned to their hoetown abd hertage of BHARAT VARSHA INDIAN SUBCONTINENT This book is written the form of a novel but is based on extensive research. See also the website which summarises under ‘Projects’ some of the Themes in “RETURN OF THE ARYANS”. Please click on the ‘Projects’ and a list of Themes from “RETURN OF THE ARYANS” will appear. You can then click the Theme that you wish to see. Clearly, the book shows the motivation of these Aryans of BHARAT VARSHA and their adventures, exploits and successes in those distant countries

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Arjan Dadlani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Once again congratulations for excellent themes presented with beauty and style. Theme 11 is unmatched and makes a deep impression
Arjun Dadlani

May 11,2008

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Mahima Roychowdhri - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

President, AIS

Extremely intersting themes.Thanks to Sindhulogy.
Theme 11 brings out the sadness of those times so beautifully and so realistically.
AIS is doing great work but I think you should also encourage actively other writers to research and write on that era . So much needs to be brought out . It is strange that only one author -Gidwani- has written on that era. There should be greater and more intensive study. Hopely you publication of these Themes will achiev that objective
May 11,2008

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Vimla Raisinghani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Thank you for these great themes. You are rendering great service to the Sindhi, Indian and World cause. I understand Mr LK Advani justifiably referred to themes from Return of the Aryans in his autobiography which has come out recently and i hope you will circulate them to all individually and on website. So glad that our Mr Ram Jethmalani is full of praise and joins you also not only in praise of such Themes and song of sindhu hindu but also in progressing AWAKENING which seeks to shows our roots
Sindhi community has reason to thank you for your deep devotion to its concerns and needs, and your accomplishments .

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000


Reply: Congratulation. Will look up web site and will contact you Thanks 05/10/2008
Dr.Muhammad Ali Thalho - Karachi 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

It is really a great pleasure for us that very much informative website and research work is available under the umbrella of Sindhuology and efforts of Mr. .Dial.v.Gidwani are remarkable to establish such organization which is working for promotion of sindhi language and tradition and it was also a moment of pleasure for me to find the name of Gul Hayat institute on site. .Gul Hayat institute under the supervision of Dr.Dur Muhammad Pathan is doing a great work for research on Sindh and culture, in very limited resources Dr. Pathan is working for institute day and night, and providing lot of facilitates to the researchers, I really appreciate his efforts and his inspirations to work for sindhi culture and language. I am happy to see that Sindhuology and Gul Hayat institute has coordination and working relationship it is not far when these institutes will be known in all over the world for their work and efforts regarding the promotion of Sindhi Language culture and traditions

Reply: Thank you Dr. Thalio for your gracious encouraging remarks . Sindhis have not been treated well after partition inspite of their valuable contribution
Arjun Sippy - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

am glad to see Mr. Ramesh Kateja s message announcing that the Film The Awakening in Singlish Sindhi-English and its Hindi version is released in Multiplexes and many other cinema houses in Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, Calcutta and other cities.

I fully endorse the suggestion of Mr. Kateja that we should all encourage the movie-makers by watching this epic saga with family and friends. Also please do little lip service and spread the word among those Sindhis who do not have access to Internet and news media.

It is necessary for all of us to try our best to encourage such movies which are cultural oriented. I am forwarding a copy of Mr. Ramesh Kateja s message to everyone I know through separate messages. But really, I do not know how the film can reach Sindhis all over. Some way should be found.

I must congratulate AIS too for producing ten outstanding themes from Bhagwan Gidwani s masterly book, Return of the Aryans on their website . They are truly great for artists to work on. My own favorites among those ten thems are OM OM OM - the First Word of God? and Sindhuputra, the Spiritual Leader of Sindh in 5,000 BC The assaination of Sindhu Putra reminds us of the recent tragic assaisination of Mrs. Benazeer Bhutto.

But even the eight other themes presented by AIS from Bhagwan Gidwani s great book are memorable and I wish there would be artists forthcoming to handle those magnificent themes.

Arjun Sippy

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Parkash Lohana - Karachi - SINDH 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Nice site, very good site to unite sindhis all over the world.

Reply: Thank you for your comments.
Gul Hassan Kalmatti - Karachi Sindh 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dial v.Gidwani
Sindhu American Founding,
jeay Sindh,
Thaks for reply,I Daily visit ur site, read about freedom fighters and documents.I again minsion that i apprciated ur excellent work.
As soon as possible i send u my new book KARACHI SINDH JEE MARVEE on your
mailling adress, please read and comments.I weekly touch with Dr.Dur Mohd
Pathan.keep in touch. thanx
Gul Hassan kalmatti karachi sindh

Reply: Thank you for your gracious comments. I look forward reading the book. April 10.2008
Gul Hassan Kalmatti - Karachi Sindh 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dear frinds Americans Institute of Sindhulogy,
Haq mojood Sindh mojood.

visit your website,you are doing excellent job for SINDHIYAT .Congratulation to you and your orgnization.I vastly appreciated your work,i express the hope that you will continue this, this a great work to promote and give awarense about SINDHU and SARASWATI CIVILIZATION.
I wort four books in sindhi in same thems, 1 Eik Ruthal Shar ji kahani History of karachi 2 Sindhu ji saffar kahani from Ladakh india to shah Bandar sindh pakistan,a traslated BBC program sher Darya 3 Baruf jo Dozakh,a traveluoge of sawat, Dir and lowari pass Hindukush.Recently in August2007 may an other Historical book published,detial given blew.
It is greatfully submitted u and ur orgnization that KACHHO publication has been published my a Historical book KARACHI SINDH JE MARVEE the new literacy and research book on History of karachi.
The dtails of the book are as under
Pages 640
Size A 4
photoscolor and B W 250
Maps 10
Price 800 Pakistani Rupees
MUHAG{preface} by Amir Jalil
Book is Highly informative
once again my thanks.
08 04 08
CELL NO 00923222445370

Reply: Thank you Kalmatti saeen. Your email has added to our knowledge of missing history. How can we access these books? AIS/Global Sindhi/Gul Hayat, resea
Arjun and Putli Dadlani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

This is a wonderful article by Dial Gidwani and we recommend all Sindhis must read this. Please note specially references to Rash Behari Bose, Subash Chandra Bose, Rash Bihari Bose, Dr. Choithram, Shri Watumall, Vishnu Sharma, Lokram Sharma, K.R. Malkani and many more.

Such great articles enrich our heritage and we thank Dial Gidwani.

Arjun and Putli Dadlani

Reply: Thank you both for your gracious comment. Please circulate Thanks 04/02/08
Mohan and Padma Hingorani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

reproduce hereunder a article by Mr. Dial Gidwani . He deserves to be congratulated for capturing the essence of the times of the Gadar Revolt. His research is truly admirable. I also note the great role of Dr. Choithram Gidwani

My respect for SindhWorkis goes up. I particularly like the following about the gentleman from Watumals
The grand old man heading the Watumalls is said to remark when someone questioned him as to why he does not publicize his charities, he quoted Rahim who was a great philanthropist, dene wala koi aur hai; log brahm mujh pay kyoun karen! Means: Giver is Some One Else - implying that there is some Higher Power that is the Giver - So why should people think that I am the giver? .

How elegantly Shri Watumal has explained his selflessness in giving to charities. I hope Mr Dial Gidwani will communicate my deep appreciation and the deep appreciation of the Sindhi Society to Shri Watumal

Mohan Hingorani

Reply: AIS will forward your message. Here is the address Mr. Gulab Watumull President Watumull Foundation 307, Lewer Street #600, Honolulu State Hi 96815 Th
Bharati Lalwani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dear Dr.Gidwani and Mr Hingorani
I agree with each and everyone who has complimented you on the excellence of the Chapters Themes from ROTA. These Themes present with honesty and objectivity the various aspects of the glory and greatness of Bhara Varsha from the dawn of civilization from 8 000 BC. But I was thinking that each is related to a particular aspect of past greatness and glory and surely that is the correct way. In view of that would it not be worthwhile to have an overall chapter to present a birds eye view of the entire scene of Bharat Varsha of those times. Of course the individual themes as you are presenting must continue to be there. I hope you will kindly have this suggestion cinsidered by the Editorial Department of AIS.

Needless to say that AIS is doing an admirable job in presenting these great themes. The knowledge they provide and inspiration they offer is tremendous.

With Regards

Bharati Lalwani

Reply: Thank you for your supporting message 02/29/2008
Sunder Shanti Vaswani - USA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

Dear Dr Gidwan and Mr.Hingorani

What a pleasure it was to read the following two themes chapters on your website.

7- Discovery of the Source and Destination of Sindhu River
8 - Medicine and Surgery in ancient Bharat Varsha

There is beauty abd greatness of Bharat Varsha so lovingly and sincerely brought out by you.

You were right in giving the chapter OM the first place. as it is possibly the first word of God. Since then, each chapter given by you is a great masterpiece. I thank you and I hope you will keep on adding these great chapters.

Reply: Thank you for your appreciation 02/28/2008
Dr. Asha Rijhsinghani - IOWA 
Thu, 1 January 1970 00:00:00 +0000

The history of freedom movement in British India with emphasis on the role of heroic Sindhi freedom fighters

It will be a pleasure and a previlage to be a part of this movement. Besides the donation, I would like to know how I could get involved. I am at this time pledging $501 towards this movement. Let me know how and where to send it, also the SS # for tax purposes it is called EIN # or something like that in India . And please let me know what I could do to help, other than the donation.
All the best with the visiting professor s program. I wish I was there attending it.
Please give my regards to Ranjit.

3743 Forest Gate Dr. NE

Iowa City, IA 52240

Reply: Thank you for your generous donation. Last year Mr. Bhagwan Lokumal Mansukhani from Boston pledged to match donation from supporters. It was successfu