Future Projects of American Institute of Sindhulogy

My name is Dial Gidwani (90 years). I am the founder of the American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS), which we started in August, 2000 in USA, to promote awareness of the world’s most ancient Civilization – Harappan Sindhu Saraswati of the sub continent of India (Bharat Varsha). Our movement has gained momentum and is now recognized globally.

I plan to retire and handover to young Indian Americans to lead .The new team has several plans to expand on the program. Please visit our website. The young team of new leadership of AIS has planned four new projects this year. One of the projects will promote Archaeological Tours to India, visiting Harappan sites like Rakhigarhi which is under excavation, Dholavira and Lothal . AIS have secured the help of Dr. Vasant Shinde VC Deccan College, a prestigious research Institute in Pune. Dr. Shinde will personally conduct two tours this year in co-operation with AIS. AIS is also offering study abroad programs to educational institutions in USA for Indian American students

Honorable Prime Minister Modi, in your speech at Madison Square Garden in New York, you appealed to Indian Americans to learn the values of India’s ancient civilization and share them with mainstream of America.

Your upcoming visit to USA is yet another opportunity to do so. I request you, Prime Minister Modi, to remind our future generations born in the US, of their ancient heritage in India.

American Institute of Sindhulogy to promote knowledge of Sindhu & Saraswati Civilzation- NON PROFIT, NON RELIGIOUS,NON POLITICAL
1740 Ridge Avenue #LL15 B
Evanston Illinois 60201
Phone 847 2514915 // Cell 847 644 3145 // Fax 847 491 0923.
Illuminate the path ahead by shining a light on the past.

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