Letter From Ram Jethmalani

Ram B. Jethmalani 2 Akbar Road

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) New Delhi 11001

Senior Advocate Supreme Court of India Phone 2379 4651

October 02, 2005

(Camp Washington D C.)

My Dear Dial,

I recall the 6th day of August 2000 with pride and sense of achievement. I know that Baby created by you and your wife Lakshmi will go long way and I gladly christened it, the American Institute of Sindhulogy.

In five years the institute, under your personal guidance and the guidance of Stalwarts like Narain Hingorani, Prem Balani, Hiro Mirchandani, Ram Advani, Girdhari Khemani, Dr. Faquir Vohra, and Nand Belanithe most important, their spouseshas to its credit a dazzling performance in uniting Sindhis, the world over, spreading the awareness of the glory and antiquity of their origins and in evoking united protest against the threat to their dignity and identity. AIS deserve admiration and gratitude of all Sindhis and other friendly souls who wished them well. I appreciate Bhagwan Gidwani’s momentous contribution to this great cause and in helping us all to meet the threats to Sindhi dignity and identity

I certainly appeal to our generous countrymen to contribute handsomely to the coffers of the institute so that it fulfills its mission more effectively and extensively. Every small contribution to this noble venture will bring hundredth fold reward and satisfaction. You can always count on my active support, Yours Sincerely,

Ram B. Jethmalani

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