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Song of Sindhu

Memory Song

Reviving 7,000-Year Old Song

It is said the Song of Sindhu, was composed about 7,000 years ago by Bharat, the 19th Karkarta (elected Supreme Chief) of the Sindh-Saraswati clan. The song celebrates the inclusiveness of ancient Indian culture.

The song, which has remained unsung for millennia, was rediscovered and brought to light by pre-Vedic scholar and author, Bhagwan Gidwani, in his historic novel, The Return of the Aryans.  Drawing from pre-ancient texts and traditions, he reconstructed Bharats memory song, which identifies Hindi, their duty and mission in life.

AIS produced and distributed the Song on CD with a spoken introduction (in English) by Ram Jathmalani, the former Indian Minister of Law and Justice.  Accomplished vocalist, Koshi Lalwani, sings in Hindi and Sindhi, interlacing ancient melodies with mantras and chants of OM.

Though the CD is no longer in print, you can listen to the Song by clicking on this page.


“For God is the Creator; and God is the Creation

Gods grace is withdrawn from no one; not even from those who have chosen to withdraw from Gods grace.

How does it matter what idols they worship, or what images they bow to, so long as the conduct remains pure.

There can be no compulsion; each man must be free to worship his gods as he chooses.

 He, who seeks to convert another to his own faith, offends against his own Soul and the Will of God and the Law of humanity.

He who seeks to deny protection to another on the basis of his faith, offends against the Hindu way of life, and denies an all-loving God.

The Hindu way of life? Always it has been and always it shall be that God wills a rich harmony, not a colorless uniformity.

 Hinduism is a movement, not a position; a growing tradition and not a fixed revelation.

A Hindu is not a mere preserver of custom.

A Hindu is not a mere protector of present knowledge.

A Hindu must enlarge the heritage of mankind.

A Hindu must grow and evolve, with all that was good in the past, with all that is good in the present, and with all goodness that future ages.

Hinduism is the law of life, not a dogma.

 “Its aim is not to create a creed but character, and its goal is to achieve perfection through most varied spiritual knowledge which rejects nothing, and yet refines everything, through continuous testing and experiencing.

What then is the final goal of the Hindu? Through strength, unity, discipline, selfless work, to reach the ultimate in being, ultimate in awareness, ultimate in bliss, not for himself alone, but for all

These life-affirming principles, voiced in Karkarta Bharats Song, were accepted as the established policy of the Sindhu-Saraswati Region.

Listen to Song of Sindhu

Written, produced and distributed by AIS

Ram JethmalaniKoshi Lalvani

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