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Video Games




Inspired by Indias Nonviolent Past

More than any other medium, video games have the power to engage children and influence their cognitive and behavioral development.

While many parents and teachers are concerned that kids spend too much time on their computers and handheld devices, technology is here to stay.  Given the hundreds of millions of hours we spend on our screens each week, AIS feels its time to put some of this time to better use.

Inspired by stories from Indias distant past and the character building lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, AIS is developing positive impact games that encourage creative problem solving, self-awareness, empathy and cooperation.

Though every game is different, our overall goal is to open young minds to the bigger world and build character through play.

Current titles under development include:

Video Games, DigDig

You’re an archeologist excavating the ruins of an ancient civilization.

VIdeo Game, ThawThaw

The earth is undergoing massive climate change.

Video Games, Animal FriendsAnimal Friends

You and your clan are among the first to domesticate wild animals.

Video Games, PoopvillePoopVille

It has been said that the story of civilization is the story of human waste collection and disposal.

Video Game, Return to the SourceReturn to the Source

You’re on an expedition to discover the source of the Mother River.

Video Games, Hard LaborHard Labor

You’re the project manager overseeing the construction of an ancient temple.

VG, Dancing with CowsDancing with the Cows

You’re in modern day India. Let’s say Jaipur. Your job is simple get from point A to point B or is it?