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Study Abroad In India

Deccan College, Pune, India

Attention real life Indiana Jones and Indie wannabees: Discover secrets from the past as you excavate an ancient Harappan city during study abroad semester in India.

Study in India

Experience ancient and modern India as a study abroad student at Deccan College in the college city of Pune, India.

One of the oldest schools of higher education in India, Deccan has a worldwide reputation for archeological education and research. As a leader in world heritage studies, Deccan regularly collaborates with other well know universities, such as Cambridge and UC Berkeley, on original research projects.

With the help and support of AIS, Deccan College is throwing its doors wide open to American study abroad students, who are eager for a taste of India. Both under-graduate and graduate students earn academic credit for completing at least one 16-week semester studying in Deccan’ departments of archeology or linguistics.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Deccan College cautions that if you don’t like to get you hands dirty, stay at home. But if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and literally digging in the dirt, its offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to excavate historic ruins 4,000 – 10,000 years old.

All students, regardless their major, are encouraged to spend at least one month in Rakhigarhi, the site of one of the largest Harappan cities, where you’ll engage in original field research. You’ll learn to excavate, analyze and catalog ancient relics. And who knows, you may even discover something new to modern man.

Safety and Security

Sensitive to the safety and security concerns of international students (and their parents), Deccan sends an advance team to Rakhigarhi to prepare for your arrival and hires local security for the entire duration of your stay.

India Firsthand

You’ll be lodging with an Indian host family or in a rented house with other international students. In either case, you’ll be sure to make foreign friends and experience life in India firsthand.

Somewhere between the ancient ruins of Rakhigarhi and student life in Pune, you’ll experience the creative tension between tradition and modernity as one of the world’s oldest and largest nations leaps headlong into the 21st century.

Visa Requirements

American students who plan to study in India for one semester or more must obtain a study/research visa.

AISs Role

AIS promotes the India Work Study program to American colleges and raises money for India Study Abroad scholarships.

Click here to learn more about Rakhigarhi.

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Deccan College Promotes Global Vision 

Established in 1821, Deccan College is one of the oldest institutions of modern learning in India. It became part of the University of Pune in 1948 and now specializes in archeology and linguistic education and research.

Recognized as one of South Asia’s leading research institutes, Deccan College acts as a national center for basic research in Indian heritage and related subjects. Culturally rooted in the values of Indian civilization, it is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge for excellence, economic upliftment and social justice.

Deccan welcomes students from India and throughout the world with the goal of building a better future for all humanity based on the knowledge and wisdom derived from our common global heritage.